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Climbing course in English and Polish

Introductory courses to climbing are now being held exclusively in English. Courses last approximately 9 hours. No prior experience is needed.

During our Introduction to Climbing course, participants will be instructed in basic safety methods and routines for safe indoor climbing. These include: learning to belay and climb on top rope and lead

Belaying is the way a climbing partner secures the climber. We use a belay device to help control the rope and keep the climber safe.

Top Rope means that the rope is pre-attached to the top of the climbing wall with one side of the rope connected to the climber and the other to the belayer. 

Lead climbing means taking the rope with you as you climb and clipping into secure points as you progress up the wall, whilst the rope is guided by the belayer.

Throughout the course, you will learn the basics needed to become a safe belayer and to recognize and avoid the dangers associated with climbing. We guarantee participants an educational and challenging day on the wall.


A Brattkort is proof of your competence in climbing safety, meaning that you have the necessary knowledge needed to be able to belay climbers safely on both top rope and lead. This is required at all climbing facilities in Norway and is regulated by the Norwegian Climbing Association (NKF).

Please note that The Norwegian Climbing Association charges NOK 200 for issuing the Brattkort.

Requirements for this course: Good understanding of English or Polish.

Cost: 1400,- All equipment is included.

If you are interested in only the Top rope part, let us know. We will arrange that for you. Mail to:


May 30th at 18 - 21

June 6th at 18 - 21

June 13th at 18 - 21

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Salget er avsluttet nå Tuesday, 13 June 2023
  • Tuesday, 30. May 2023 - Tuesday, 13. June 2023
  • 18:00 — 21:00
  • Kristiansand
    Jørgen Moes Gate 10
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